About Us

Bubble Babez Bath Company was born in 2010 after looking for countless products to soothe my son's eczema without success. I decided to try my hand and see if I could create something that would be beneficial for him. Finally after tons of researching and reading I came across a lotion bar recipe that helped his skin quickly, it was almost magical. The natural evolution sent me on a mission to find other products and ingredients that would help his eczema.

After scouring many bath and body forums & finding a soapy mentor who encouraged me to try my hand at natural soap. I got over my fear of using lye to make soap and took a leap of faith. My first batch of oatmeal & honey soap was born but, not without a few failed batches and tweaks. This is the soap we still use today and it has proven a wonder soap for my sons eczema! Who no longer have dry, scaly snake patches on his body!

I wanted to weave a spot in the bath and beauty industry that tied my love for healing, creating, and crafting-that fueled my passion to create Bubble Babez Bath Company! I believe that all energy is transferred and we only create from a place of love and good spirits. We strongly feel that our Bubble Babez family can truly feel the love that we send to them throughout our creative process that puts a smile on their face and in their heart.

With Love,