Scoopable Wax Melts-Red Velvet Cake

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Our scoopable wax melts that not only captivate your space with the inviting scent of red velvet cake. Imagine the rich, velvety aroma of freshly baked cake and cream cheese frosting wafting through the air as you enjoy the cozy ambiance they create. 

As you scoop out a small amount of our wax melts and place them in your wax warmer, the room instantly fills with the mouthwatering scent of red velvet cake. It's a tantalizing blend of cocoa, vanilla, and a hint of cream cheese, replicating the fragrance of this classic dessert in its finest form.

Using our scoopable wax melts couldn't be simpler. Just scoop out your desired amount, place it in your wax warmer, and watch as it melts, releasing its aromatic embrace into your space.

8 oz jar. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review