Wake Up! Coffee Sugar Cubes

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We have brought back this wonderful wake me up sugar scrub. It has a new name but it work just as great!!! 

Wake up to the robust aroma of expresso latte an automatic pick me up in the morning!

Stimulate your body with organic coffee grounds, brown and pure cane sugar will exfoliate and hydrate skin leaving skin feeling renewed and silky smooth.

The benefits of Caffeine have been said that to help tighten skin (which can help reduce cellulite). Also may help minimize the appearance of puffy eyes because caffeine restricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling and inflammation. 

*We suggest that if you use our Sugar Scrubs Cubes on your face to use gently, not scrub too vigorously. Coffee may be a little abrasive for sensitive facial skin so please use with caution to prevent redness or tenderness by scrubbing too harshly.

Great to leave my sink too! To help remove stubborn smells such as garlic and onions!