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Why is it so hard to stay disciplined?I think discipline is so easily ignored because as easy as it is to do it, it's just as easy not to do. You put it off, because you can and find that you put it off so long you never do what needs to be done.  In business and life it is important for you to practice discipline. It keeps you on task and ensures that the work will get done. I thought it wou…

Taking care of dry skin from the inside out!

One of our most asked questions is what products do we have for dry skin?As the cooler months approach dry skin is a problem that most of us will experience. Our skin will be thirsty for moisture, during the cooler seasons it seems skin is drier. Eczema and Psoriasis currently seems to be a more common issue. When I started this business it was because my youngest son had Eczema. He had almost sn…