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We Moved & Updates!

Hello Babez,This whole blog thing takes lots to get used too, years and years to be exact LOL. I still don't have it together!!! This is going to be a general update post. We are moving from our first location 658 rt 739 Hawley Pa to a new location. There are quite a few changes going on that we are super excited about and we will definitely keep you posted on. Things are evolving as we are g…

Chakra Bath Bombs

On May 1, Bubble Babez will be turning 8 years old. To celebrate our anniversary we will be releasing the Chakra Bath Bomb Collection.  We have grown so much! Through all of our peaks and valleys one thing that's constant is, you have to clear out the old and prepare for the new/growth. It's time to clear and renew. Time for rebirth to emerge into our greatness. Taking care of your spirit is…