(Frequently Asked Questions)


Our products are mostly Vegan & Preservative Free.

The following products contain preservatives:

  • Land of Milk & Honey Soap
  • Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrubs & Sugar Scrub Cubes
  • Lotions & Emulsified Scrubs

The following products are not Vegan:

  • Brush Me Off Soap (Regular Version)
  • Lotion Bars (Contains Beeswax)
  • Oatmeal & Honey Soap (Contains Honey)

What products are best for dry skin?

  • Oatmeal & Honey Soap
  • Oatmeal Truffle Bath Bombs
  • Lotion Bars (unscented if sensitive to fragrance & babies)

Brush Me Off Soap Questions:

Are you sure its 100% Natural?

Yes we are sure. We have formulated the Brush Me Off Soap recipe with all factors considered the cleansing, sudsing, antiseptic, and conditioning properties. 

We do not use a pre-made base for our soap. Our soap is made completely from scratch, we are fully aware of all ingredients as we put them all in there ourselves lol. 

Do I have to keep purchasing the Jumbo Brush Soap in the containers?

No, you can purchase only one time and just purchase the jumbo refills that are available in regular milk & vegan version. The refills are a little bigger than the container, soap can be pushed into the container and the extra can be mushed into container (no wasting).

Does the 4 oz refills fit in the mini containers?

The 4 oz does fit but also are a little bigger than the container. The extra will not fit into container.  So, we suggest that you save in a zip lock bag until you have used some of your Brush Me Off Soap and then smush into container.

How do I keep my soap from getting mushy?

After use, keep top off of soap and allow to dry completely. If you purchased a refill and did not put it in a container you can let it dry on a wooden soap dish or let air dry and put in a Tupperware container to store.