Brush Me Off Soap

Brush Me Off Brush Soap™ is a handmade brush soap from scratch using all natural ingredients. As a former makeup artist, I know how tedious and daunting cleaning your brushes could be. I created the Brush Me Off Brush Soap™ with makeup lovers and enthusiasts in mind. The idea was to make the task quicker, efficient and take care of your brushes and skin at the same time.

Brush Me Off Brush Soap™ Cleans, sanitizes and conditions makeup brushes and sponges quickly and effectively. Its great for real hair and synthetic brushes!!! Best of all it is 100% natural, NO GIMMICKS, NO PREMADE BASE, NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS. Just an all natural product that works!!

Brush Me Off Brush Soap™ also comes in a Vegan Version which is made with coconut milk but has the same ingredients and works just the same.

Everyone is talking about it!!! Try it today and see what all the buzz is about! :)

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OOPS! Brush Me Off Soap

The Oops Brush Me Off Soaps are the imperfect cuts or shaped 6 oz Refill Soaps. We also have odd shaped cuts that we can weigh out to 6 oz to sell, they can be molded into a ball and used. If you would also like us to sell those pieces, let us know on...
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The Munchin Brush Me Off Soap

Introducing our Munchin Brush Me Off Soap!!! We created a smaller version of our best selling soap thats perfect for travel (makeup brushes & sponges) & spot cleaning treatments (makeup towels, clothes etc.,) Many of our customers rave about how...
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