Chakra Bath Bombs

Posted by Nikkie on Apr 24th 2018

Chakra Bath Bombs

On May 1, Bubble Babez will be turning 8 years old. To celebrate our anniversary we will be releasing the Chakra Bath Bomb Collection.  We have grown so much! Through all of our peaks and valleys one thing that's constant is, you have to clear out the old and prepare for the new/growth. It's time to clear and renew. Time for rebirth to emerge into our greatness. Taking care of your spirit is just as important as taking care of your body. You can not give from an empty or damaged cup. It is key to focus, get insight and fill your cup to prosper with anything you do in life.

I have been playing with the idea of making a Chakra Bath Bomb Set for quite some time. I planned on several launches over the past year. I had to connect with the idea-creativity, spirit and energy had to be right.  I am very big on energy and timing. Initially, I planned a New Year's day launch. I feel people make resolutions  for physical, financial and other change but they never seem to resolve to work on their spirit.  Currently people are either well on their way to meet their New Year's resolution goal or detoured.

I have been researching and consulting with my mentor & sister for guidance. I am so excited to create this collection!  You have a luxury bath bomb to bathe in, but you also have a purpose. To heal your Chakra's and create the year and life you want.  I am not saying that a bath bomb will cure all your woes, but the intention and the energy will be shifting. You can give yourself permission to manifest the things you would like to accomplish this year (mind, body and soul).  

My intention for this bath bomb set is to get your spirit aligned to operate everything you do with positivity and love.  It will not all happen with a bath bomb, you WILL have to do the work to get there! I feel that our Chakra Bath Bombs can be the perfect ice breaker to get the ball rolling. Researching, meditating, affirming and connecting is part of the work.

Everyone does not work the same way and you will find what methods work best for you. When you discover your method, I advise to stay disciplined (my struggle zone) and you will start to feel better and lighter. 

So please stay on the lookout for our new Chakra Bath Bomb Collection release on May 1. We will keep you updated as always on our social media with all the behind the scenes and sneak peak videos. 

Lets get aligned with the universe and make things happen!!!