Posted by Nikkie on Mar 18th 2018


Why is it so hard to stay disciplined?

I think discipline is so easily ignored because as easy as it is to do it, it's just as easy not to do. You put it off, because you can and find that you put it off so long you never do what needs to be done.  In business and life it is important for you to practice discipline. It keeps you on task and ensures that the work will get done. I thought it would be an important thing to blog about since I so often start to blog or vlog and then stop. I struggle with being disciplined. I know exactly how to get the job done but I still procrastinate with the task.

So I say that to say, I am working on being more disciplined in the writing of this blog as well as posting videos. Being consistent and diligent in the production of our company blog will help us to stay connected. A few tips that I have created for myself to maintain a regular schedule which may be helpful to someone else is:

  • Pick 3 subjects that the blog will fall under, to avoid writers block.
  • Pick a day/days, time to blog. Do it all the time without excuses to prevent procrastination.
  • Stay inspired! It helps when you are writing because you feel compelled to share what you are excited about.

As a small business owner I know how easy it is for tasks to fall through the cracks.  So my challenge as of 3/18/2018 is to get more disciplined so that not as many things fall by the wayside.

Do you find that discipline is something you struggle with?


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