How To Care for your Brush Me Off Soap

Posted by Nikkie on Aug 11th 2017

How To Care for your Brush Me Off Soap

Our Brush Me Off Soap is a product that I am genuinely proud of. It was formulated with makeup artists and enthusiasts in mind. It is an all natural brush soap that cleanses, conditions and sanitizes in one step.

Properly taking care of your Brush Me Off Soap is very important for the longevity of this product. Leaving soap wet, sitting in a pool of water or leaving water in the container can cause soap to soften and allows bacteria to form. To take care of your Brush Me Off Soap you must allow it to completely dry on a wooden soap dish if it is a refill, then store in a container if you choose to. It is perfectly fine in the open air to dry until the next time you want to use it.

If your Brush Soap is in a container, after using soap you can pop it out and let it dry on a wooden soap dish, rinse container thoroughly, let dry then after soap has dried completely pop it back into container until next use.

You only need very little product for this soap to work, one or two swirls is sufficient to form a lather. This is another way to maintain the longevity of your Brush Soap. Some may over swirl their brushes in the soap using up more product than is needed.

Cleaning-While swirling brushes in sponges is a perfectly effective way to clean your tools you can also use household items with texture for stubborn stains.  Such items are silicone mats, silicone pot holders, lego bricks, plastic scouring sponge etc., Get creative and look around your house for items that will help add the texture to cleanse brushes and sponges. Be careful not to destroy the flow of your brush hairs because you want them to lay in the proper shape without stray hairs. Below are a few non conventional options lol a scouring pad and lego baseplate. 

Storing-Keep in a cool, dry area away from all moisture.