Preservatives, Do we need them?

Posted by Nikkie Davis on Oct 23rd 2019

Preservatives, Do we need them?

Hello Bubble Babez

No Preservatives! Sounds healthy, sounds like I am doing something great for myself and my family. But the truth is for some products to have longevity sometimes a preservative is necessary or you run the risk of all types of bacteria and gunk growing in your products.  We try to keep as many products as we can preservative free/natural but, we do have a handful of products that are not. Products that contain water or water may be introduced to, we air on the side of caution and use a preservative to prevent mold, yeast and bacteria from growing in your products. You may not see anything growing in it, but before you see it physically it is festering invisibly behind the scenes and then it manifests visually!!! Disgusting right? LOL (We think so too)

A broad spectrum preservative prevents microbes from growing in water based products. We can make lotions & scrubs without a preservative but they would only last approximately week or so before it starts to get gross. Thus (I like that word lol), making the use of a preservative in certain products effective and necessary. 

The only way to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in our water based products are to either not make certain products or to use a preservative. But we would rather be safe and not sorry because we all love the water based products. They are awesome :)

Products we make that contain preservatives are:

  • Lotions (not Whipped Body Mousse, Body Oil or Lotion Bars)
  • Glycerin Soaps (pre-made base)
  • Sugar Scrub Cubes (we use glycerin soap) 
  • Foaming Whipped Scrubs

 I hope that this provided better insight into our product making process and why choosing to use a preservative in a few products in our lineup was the right decision for us.