We Moved & Updates!

Posted by Nikkie Davis on Sep 15th 2019

We Moved & Updates!

Hello Babez,

This whole blog thing takes lots to get used too, years and years to be exact LOL. I still don't have it together!!! This is going to be a general update post. We are moving from our first location 658 rt 739 Hawley Pa to a new location. There are quite a few changes going on that we are super excited about and we will definitely keep you posted on. 

Things are evolving as we are growing and making a bigger impact with our brand & products. I am so excited about the future and the years to come. 

We have packed up the entire space and are embarking on a new future in a new location. We will show pictures of the new location on our social media when we have solidified everything. So please follow us on Instagram & Facebook for updates.

We will also be phasing some products to focus on our more popular products. Some products will be sold in store as opposed to the website. We are also working to shorten our process and shipment times as we know you guys are eager to receive your purchases sooner. Due to the nature of our products, everything being handmade from scratch it does take a bit more time to produce (drying and curing time) those are things that we do not have control over.  So, we are making adjustments to have most products freshly made on hand at the beginning of the week instead of as orders they come in.

Thank you all so very much on riding out this journey with us. We look forward to more adventures in the future with you all. If there is anything that we can do to make your Bubble Babez Shopping Experience better please send us a note and let us know. 

Love you Guys,