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How To Care for your Brush Me Off Soap

Our Brush Me Off Soap is a product that I am genuinely proud of. It was formulated with makeup artists and enthusiasts in mind. It is an all natural brush soap that cleanses, conditions and sanitizes in one step.Properly taking care of your Brush Me Off Soap is very important for the longevity of this product. Leaving soap wet, sitting in a pool of water or leaving water in the container can caus…


Hello Everyone and welcome to our blog!!!I must admit that I am not a blogger!! While I do not loathe blogging, I am just lazy and undisciplined at doing so. So what I have done is committed myself to blog on specific days of the week to get the ball rolling. I will blog about our products, life, discipline, ingredients and whatever life throws at me. I want to thank you all for taking this journe…