Billie Holiday Body & Massage Oil

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Billie Holiday's signature gardenia in hair has a luxurious and indulgent scent that captures the essence of the iconic jazz singer. The fragrance is a beautiful blend of floral notes that are reminiscent of gardenia. The scent is intoxicating, just like Billie Holiday's voice, and it has a subtle warmth and depth that is both comforting and sensual. A soft floral aroma that is both feminine and elegant. It is a beautiful and evocative fragrance that is perfect for indulging in a luxurious and pampering spa experience.

Allow the soothing touch of the oil to melt away tension, as you massage it into your skin with gentle, circular motions. Indulge in a moment of tranquility and relaxation, as the aromatic scent envelops your senses and promotes a sense of well-being. Whether you use it for a calming massage, a rejuvenating bath, or as a daily moisturizer.

Ingredients: Avocado, Sweet Almond, Olive, Sunflower, Babassu, Vitamin E Oils and Fragrance.

8 oz. Bottle 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review